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West Vancouver Junk Removal

West Vancouver junk removal is a major part of our rubbish removal business. I grew up on the North Shore. The owner Chris McEachnie graduated from West Vancouver Secondary School in 1991. Yes it seems a long time ago but roots made where strong and still today Chris lives here. It's the Load My Junk companies hometown. Junk removal services in West Vancouver BC, Canada is what we are proud of. Our goal always has been to provide a junk removal business that could be trusted, and reliable. This What we have do since 2010 and will keep doing for years to come. We are growing and will keep growing with your help. We are dedicated to providing professional labour and strong hard working West Vancouver junk removal personnel.

Junk Removal North Shore

Do you live in West Vancouver and Need Junk Removal?


Are you looking for a reliable junk removal service that you can count on... Don't want a bin dropped in your driveway for days? Well maybe your asking yourself how will come to my house and load my junk for me? Okay well we now know what you want. Maybe your asking yourself what will this cost, and will a bin be cheaper? Typically having us come to your home to load your junk is faster and cheaper. A normal load of junk we pick up and dump costs our clients around $500.00 this would a full load. A half load will cost around $350.00. We charge you by weight so if it's lots of heavy stuff it could be more. When looking for a friendly affordable rubbish and junk removal service in West Vancouver BC, Canada you won't find a junk removal service in west Van for less.