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Load My Junk is located in West Vancouver and we are known for our fast and friendly junk removal services and recycling services across Metro vancouver. We provide every customer a free estimate and are ready when you are. Our trucks are new and can can pick up anything from recycling, trash, to just clearing out your junk.... Our staff would love to talk....

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Recycling services Vancouver

Recycling Services

Having trouble getting rid of your recycling or need junk removal services today? Well we don't just through all of it into a landfill! We specialize in making sure all our junk removal services are recycled. Let's care about Vancouver and The North Shore together. Let's get you a free estimate today.

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Junk Removal West Vancouver BC

Rubbish Removal

Building a home, need rubbish removal on your construction site or junk removal services? We service all of Greater Vancouver, and the North Shore including West Vancouver and North Vancouver. We have fast and reliable junk removal services for or all your construction waste removal needs. Load My Junk is a locally owned junk service.

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Same Day Services is a local junk removal service company that has been servicing Metro Vancouver since 2010. Our staff our young, strong, and always ready to go the extra mile. Our business depends on keeping our amazing customers happy. We know that friendly, reliable service is very important, so we background check all our employees. Making your experience a good memorable one is what keeps us in business. No matter what you have we can get rid of it for you. We love our city and care about the environment. So you can rest assured all your junk removal will be sorted and brought to the right places to be recycled and reused.  Are you wondering who would take on the challenge to load my junk today? Well we love what we do and can be there quickly to clean up your home, construction site, or get rid of your recycling. Trash removal services in Greater Vancouver GVRD.

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Junk Removal Services Vancouver - Let's remove your trash today!!

Junk removal services Vancouver BC, Canada.

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Junk Removal services West Vancouver BC, Canada

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Here at LoadMyJunk.Com you can rest assured we will be there to remove your junk when we say we will. Our junk removal specialists are trained to know what is garbage, and what can be recycled. If you are looking for a junk removal company that is cheap and reliable we are the ones you should call. Our rates are always lower than our competition. We also provide rubbish removal for all of West Vancouver, and North Vancouver. We don't just work in the city. Here you can find a junk service that will pick up and recycle all of your stuff. From Electronics, paint, green waste, mattresses, couches, metal, and oil. West Vancouver junk removal company that is reliable and trusted.